This Summers Best Road Trip Tips! in Livonia, MI

This Summers Best Road Trip Tips!

Lindsberg Pettway's Blog | This Summers Best Road Trip Tips!

This summer may look very different for you and your family. After months of stay-at-home orders and social distancing aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19, you might be itching to hit the open road. Summer is here, and that means road trips are being planned and executed, but do you know how to plan for the best road trip experience?

There are steps you should take to ensure that your road trip is not only safe but fun too.

Tips for the Best Time Ever

  • Get your vehicle checked. Make sure your oil has been changed, and the AC is operating smoothly.
  • Organize and clean the interior of your vehicle so you can provide food and entertainment at a moment’s notice.
  • Be snack ready! Prep perishable snacks and bring a cooler for drinks that will help save you from hunger meltdowns and save money too.
  • Don’t forget the entertainment! Provide entertainment, like a pack of cards, books, movies, a handheld video game, or a tablet or book that the kids can access easily.
  • Be snuggle ready! Have blankets and small pillows to add comfort and help keep everyone happy, especially on a lengthy drive.


Now get out there and hit the road! I hope my road trip advice for the best experience will help you have the most memorable road trips this summer!

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