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For 17 years, my career was dedicated to being an educator. Then my life took an unexpected turn when I got injured and lost my job. After putting in for countless positions in the educational field to no avail, I began Uber-driving and personal training to help support my family. A client I had been training told me his nephew was the general sales manager at Feldman Chevrolet, and asked if I’d be interested in selling cars. Although I had never thought about working in the car business, I tried keeping an open mind because I desperately needed a job. After meeting with the general manager for about 45 minutes, he offered me a job on the spot and I started the next day. I had never sold a car a day in my life, but I applied the same level of dedication and passion I had as an educator to the car business. I came to work every day with a fresh shirt and tie, a warm smile and positive attitude. I treated everyone — from my coworkers to my customers — with kindness, courtesy and respect. I was determined to learn, grow and excel in a field that was unfamiliar territory for me. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and remaining consistent led to me becoming the dealership’s top-performing sales consultant. In addition, I’ve been able to develop a solid trust with my clients and build my own brand, 4REAL Automotive, which is dedicated to helping people get in the quality car they desire at a price they can afford. So if you’re looking for a “4REAL Deal,” come see me