Road Trip Snacking in Livonia, MI

Road Trip Snacking

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Are you headed out on a long road trip this summer? Packing snacks is a great way to eliminate excessive stops along the way and make good time on the road. 

If you and your family just left for your long road trip, at some point, you will hear a voice calling out from the backseat, “I’m hungry!” If you drive with your family often, you learn quickly that someone is always hungry and looking for ways to get their hands-on food, especially if it is right before mealtime.

Driving with kids who are cranky, restless, and need to eat is no fun or a simple task. They might even ask if you could stop at a fast food place to grab something quickly, and although that would be easy to do, you want to provide healthier foods for them to eat during the drive.

Have no snack fear, you are now ready to prepare!

Before your next vehicle ride, find a mid-size box that has several smaller boxes inside of it. This box should have an easy to open and close lid.

When you know you will be in your vehicle for a long period, fill this box with different healthy and fun snacks for you and your family to enjoy.

That’s it! You and your family will snack like a pro when on the go in your car and ready for the next time your kids’ tummies start to grumble.

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