Customer Service Warning Signs in Livonia, MI

Customer Service Warning Signs

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Do you know good customer service when you receive it, or better yet when you don't? Chances are that most of us have had our share of challenges when wanting to receive quality customer service. Some of us know all too well what it is like to search around a store to find someone willing to help you with your shopping needs, but after 20 minutes, not only are you tired, you are completely frustrated and ready to speak with the manager about the "absent" employee. Others have experienced the "lazy" employee. This is when the person who is supposed to help you only lifts their index finger to point to the general direction of where a product "should" be. What they should have done instead was stop whatever it is they were doing to walk you to the exact location of the product. I have had both of these poor customer service experiences, and unfortunately, we all could list many more of them.

I too have felt what low-quality service feels like and just like you, I do not like it one bit. This is one of the reasons why I make it my mission to raise the standards of customer service to be nothing but exceptional.

I want you to get the high-quality experience you deserve at every visit while you shop around, which is why I have written this post and provided some telltale signs of salespeople who you will want to stay away from due to their actions or lack thereof.


Customer Service Warning Signs:

  • When you are not acknowledged as a visitor or customer.
  • When you feel like the salesperson you are speaking to is not actively listening to your needs.
  • When there is a lack or breakdown in communication.
  • When your salesperson "tells" you what you need because they are the expert.
  • When you start to feel pressure from your salesperson to buy.


These are just some terrible moments that let us know the customer service we will continue to receive from our salesperson. If we ignore these red flags, we will learn, when it is too late, that all we will receive is nothing but poor customer service.

You deserve more, which is why I care. Let me show you what exceptional, high-quality customer service feels like! Contact me today!




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