8 Signs That You’re Working With the Wrong Car Salesperson in Livonia, MI

8 Signs That You’re Working With the Wrong Car Salesperson

Lindsberg Pettway's Blog | 8 Signs That You’re Working With the Wrong Car Salesperson

Some people have had unpleasant experiences when buying a vehicle. In many cases, it’s because they worked with the wrong salesperson. There are hundreds of thousands of automotive salespeople in the world and millions of others who have come and gone. Unfortunately, not all car salespeople are created equal. If you see any of the following signs when you’re shopping for a vehicle, then you’re likely working with the wrong car salesperson: 

  1. They ignore you 

It’s true that some people don’t want to be bothered when they first arrive at a dealership to look around, but sometimes things go too far the other way. If you’ve been walking around or curious about a particular vehicle and no one has offered to help, or ignored you when you did ask for help, it’s a sure sign that the experience isn’t likely to get much better. 

  1. They don’t listen to you

Great salespeople take the time to listen to your needs and to better understand what you’re looking for. Bad salespeople do the opposite. If your salesperson is interrupting you, cutting you off mid-sentence, or simply not listening to you, it’s a huge red flag. 

  1. They don’t take initiative 

Another sign that you’re not working with the right salesperson is if they don’t take the initiative to help you find what you’re looking for or to get answers to questions you might have. A good salesperson will do what it takes to find solutions for you, not just sit back passively and hope everything works itself out. 

  1. They’re not responsive 

Responsiveness is a sure sign that you’re working with a competent professional, and non-responsiveness is a sure sign that you’re not. If your calls, emails, and texts aren’t being returned in a reasonably prompt timeframe, you might be working with the wrong person. 

  1. They’re rude to you 

There’s rarely an excuse for rudeness and the only time it’s ever justified is if you’re the one who’s being rude first. But if you’re being respectful, then there’s never any justification for a salesperson to be rude to you, especially if they want to earn your business. 

  1. They push you into something you don’t want 

There’s a difference between encouraging you to be open-minded about which vehicle might work for you and pushing you into something you have absolutely no interest in buying. A bad salesperson will do the latter, hoping to make the sale at all costs.  

  1. They don’t care if you’re happy 

This is one of the biggest differences between a great salesperson and a terrible one. A great salesperson understands that your happiness is critical to their own career success, while a terrible salesperson couldn’t care less whether you’re happy as long as they’re able to close a deal and make a paycheck. 

  1. They don’t want to build a relationship 

There are people who make automotive sales their career, and others who come and go quickly. The former are the ones who build lasting relationships with their clients by making them happy and helping them year after year. If your salesperson is simply trying to get you in and out the door as quickly as possible and has no interest in getting to know you or building a relationship, then you’re probably working with the wrong car salesperson.


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